1. What is the Coco Brooks Fundraising Program?

    Coco Brooks has developed a Fundraising program to assist groups all over Alberta such as schools, non-profit organizations, charities, sports programs, and community groups in their fundraising efforts.

  2. How do I raise funds using the Coco Brooks Program?

    Coco Brooks Fundraising Program involves the selling of frozen products to family, friends, coworkers and neighbors. With lots of varieties to choose from everyone can find something they will enjoy. Your sellers and their customers will pre-order product(s) online & 14 days after your CAMPAIGNS selling period Finish Date, your groups order will be ready for pick-up to distribute to your sellers and their customers.

  3. What is the first step?

    After you have reviewed the ABOUT tab on the home page, please click on the SIGN-UP tab to register with our program. Fill in the fields and click the REGISTER button and an email will be send to you with further instructions.

  4. We have already done a fundraising order with you, can we order again?

    Of course you can! You can sell as many times as you want. We require you to register a new CAMPAIGN each time you sell as the old CAMPAIGN will no longer be accessible to you, your sellers or customers.

  5. How do I submit my orders?

    Your orders are electronically tallied each time an order is placed. When your CAMPAIGN has past your predetermined FINISH DATE, your orders will be electronically submitted to Coco Brooks.

  6. How much can we make?

    The amount that you can make will depend on how many sellers you have, how organized your group is, as well as how aggressive your sellers are. Your group will profit up to 40%, with no up front costs. There is no minimum or maximum that your group can sell. We have groups that sell 75 up to 6,500 products.

  7. When can I pick up?

    We require a minimum of 14 days to fulfill your order after your predetermined FINISH DATE. Your pick-up date is set when you register your campaign.

  8. How are the orders packed?

    Each customer order is packed into a bag and placed into a box which is organized by the seller. The boxes are labeled on the outside with the SELLER'S NAME and the number of boxes. The number of boxes is determined by how much they sold.

  9. Is there a product guarantee?

    Coco Brooks guarantees the quality of our product, and we will gladly replace any product that is below Coco Brooks standards.

  10. Are your products safe for people with food allergies?

    Our product pages list the specific allergens present in each item's ingredients. We invite you to contact us with any specific concerns by emailing us at qa@cocobrooks.com.

  11. How does our group get paid?

    Your customers pay you directly, either through check or cash. Our on line system will track each order for you, and give a total for you to submit to Coco Brooks. The difference between what you collected and what you paid to Coco Brooks is your profit for your campaign.

  12. What are the methods of payment?

    Cash, Visa, MasterCard, CERTIFIED Cheques, Bank Drafts or Money Orders. Payment for all Calgary pick-ups is on the date of pick up.

    Out of town orders are Visa, MasterCard, CERTIFIED Cheque, Bank Draft or Money Order. All payments for out of town orders must be received before the order can be released for shipment.

  13. Delivery Charge

    Coco Brooks will cover $40 per pallet as a shipping allowance for some out of town orders. To request shipping costs to your city or town please email fundraising@cocobrooks.com

  14. How big are the pizzas?

    Original Crust – 8” round
    Original Crust – 10” round
    Gluten Free – 7” square
  15. Can Coco Brooks Fundraising Products be shipped outside of Alberta?

    Unfortunately due to Provincial and Federal Laws our products are unable to be shipped outside the province of Alberta. Most of our products are made in our restaurants, frozen and shipped to a central pick up location in Calgary for fundraising. Our restaurants along with almost every other restaurant, are not Federally Certified as certification is given to production facilities and not restaurants. This is the down side to better quality and hand made products. If we want to sell our products in another province we have to produce them in that province. We would like to expand our restaurants into more provinces but need steady growth, not to sacrifice our quality or customer service.

  16. What if my question is not here?

    If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Coco Brooks Fundraising Department by email to fundraising@cocobrooks.com or by phone (403)250-6790 ext #103.