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Sausage Variety Pack

1 pack each - Blueberry Turkey Sausage, Chorizo Turkey Sausage, Thai Coconut Turkey Sausage, Spicy Italian Sausage, Whiskey Garlic Sausage, Chicken and Apple Sausage, Maple Breakfast Sausage, German Bratwurst

Sausage Variety Pack

Ingredients: Blueberry Turkey (Blueberry Breakfast Turkey Sausage(Turkey Meat, water, granulated sugar, canned blueberries, unsweetened blueberries, salt, dextrose, spices), Chorizo Turkey Sausage (Chorizo Turkey Sausage (Turkey Meat, Water, spices, salt, garlic, dextrose), Thai Coconut Turkey Sausage (Thai Coconut Turkey Sausage(turkey meat, water, brown sugar, Coconut Milk, Curry Paste, Oyster Sauce, Fish Sauce, Salt, garlic), Spicy Italian Sausage (Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Spices), Whiskey Garlic Sausage (Pork, Water, Whiskey, Sea Salt, Spices), Chicken & Apple (Chicken, apple, sea salt, spices), Maple Breakfast (Pork, Water, Organic Maple Syrup, Sea Salt, Spices), German Bratwurst (Pork, Water, Sea Salt, Spices)

This product is packaged in a facility that also handles wheat, eggs, seafood, soy, milk, sulphites, sesame seeds, and mustard.

Percent daily values are calculated using data from the Canada Food Guide.